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Enjoy your city from a totally new perspective with only your smartphone or desktop.

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Your Ultimate City Guide

Joining is your ultimate guide in where to spend your day and night at its best. We will direct you to the best restaurants, bars and nightclubs in town. Only the best venues and events will be selected for you and your friends.

Awesome Features

Bored of hanging out at the same spot every now and then? Not anymore! Joining lets you discover your city’s hidden secrets in a great new way. Don’t miss a thing and celebrate life with your friends at the best gigs in town.

The Team

The journey of Joining all began after a few beers in the city. Mike, Tim & Mark wanted to join a nice gig in the city, but didn’t know where to go. That’s where the idea of Joining was born.

We teamed up and started a business out of our idea. We are willing to work hard to make Joining a success and with that making going out in the city a lot more easier and fun.

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